Manage Your League Members

Manage Your League Members

MyLO offers the ability to secure some of your content as Members Only content. This means that a site visitor will only see the content if they are authenticated to the system with an account that is recognized as a Member of your League. 

In order for this to work, you will need to make sure that your Members have accounts on MyLO. There are three basic ways to accomplish this: 

  1. Manually add the Members to your League Roster
  2. Request a bulk upload of Members from a properly formatted spreadsheet
  3. Allow Members to create their own accounts on MyLO and request Membership status in your League

You can also remove or block members from your League's secured content.

Manually add the Members to your League Roster

To add or manage your Members, click on the Manage Members link from your Administer League menu in the left sidebar. 

From here, you will see a list of all of the Members that are either Active or Pending in your League, as well as any that have been set up as Adminstrators (Webmasters). Note that only League Webmasters can see this view, including the associated contact information. 

The Member status is important: Active means that they can see Members Only content on your League site. Pending means that they have requested Membership, but still need to be approved by you or another Webmaster. Members will be in the pending state if they create their own account or if they are added through a bulk upload, but you can use this to temporarily disable a Members access if needed, as well. 

This view gives you many filters to find specific Members. It also gives you a "bulk operations" menu which allows you to take action on multiple Members at once (for example, activate a bunch of pending memberships in one action).

To add a new member: 

  1. Click on Add Member at the bottom of the list
  2. Start typing the username of the member you want to add. The system will make recommendations based on the letters you type, but it will only find users in the system. If the user exists in the system, select them and click "Add Users"
  3. If the user doesn't exist, you need to create them. Below the "Add Users" button you will see a section labeld Cannot find the user? with a Create new user button. Please read the help text for this section (on the create user page itself) carefully, as this will open a new page with a form that you will fill out, then close, and then return to this add Members page.

Need some more help? Follow this written documentation to manually create a new user and add them as a member to your League's group.

Bulk Upload Members

If you have a lot of Members to add to (or update in) the system at once, you can provide MyLO Support with a spreadsheet with Member data. The Member Data Sheet template is available for you to use as a guide to build your list. 

FileTEMPLATE Member Data Sheet

Please contact MyLO Support at mylo [at] if you have any questions about creating your spreadsheet, as it must follow specific parameters. 

Note that the unique element about each Member is their email address. If you are bulk updating Members, their email address must match. If the email address is what needs to be updated, please either Edit the Member's profile on MyLO, have them edit their own profile, or contact MyLO Support about this update separately.

When Members are added in bulk, mylo [at] (by request), the MyLO Team can send a MyLO welcome email to each member with a new or updated account. This will tell them how to log in.

Have Members Create Their Own Accounts

Members can create their own accounts on MyLO by clicking on the Register link at the top right in the red bar. 

When they create their account, they are creating a general MyLO account. You can then add them to your League as a Member using the first set of instructions above.

You can, however, add your Leauge to the list offered to Members for Local League Membership on the registration form. If the indivdual requests Local League Membership in your League, then you will receive an email notification after they create their account letting you know that a new Member has requested Membership and is in the pending state in your Member roster. You (or one of your other Webmasters) would then log in and approve that Member. 

To add your League to the list individuals can choose from when requesting Membership, you will go to your League's landing page and click on the New Draft or Edit Draft (if there is an existing draft already) tab at the top. 

Scroll to the bottom where you see a section titled Advanced Settings; expand that to locate the Group register section. By default, this is set to Do not show on registration page, but if you change the setting to Show on registration page then your League will display as an option on the registration form. 

Remember that you will need to publish your changes in order for them to take effect. All content edits are stored in draft form unless explicitly told to publish. 

Instructions for individuals managing their own user accounts can be found here: Manage Your User Account

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